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How Old Do You Look?

Posted Aug 10 2011 12:00am
I was standing behind several women in line at the grocery store yesterday and I overheard them talking about aging.  From looking at them I would say that one was in her late 40's and the other in her mid 50's.  I say that because it was obvious they had some facial modifications done and were wearing a LOT of makeup.  Of course I was wrong about the age thing, but we'll get to that in a minute.

So they were talking about this cream, that potion, this procedure.  One picked up a magazine called New Beauty and it talked about "new injections" and "laser this" and "potion that" and the "best doctors" for whatever it was you were looking for.  It was a fairly large magazine so I'm guessing it cost a pretty penny (and yes she bought it!).  One talked about using this cream and how it took away her wrinkles, but cost $250 a jar!  I almost gasped....The other talked about her "laser treatment" to remove her crows feet.

OK so here we are standing in line and the one who bought the cream must have heard me gasp inside because she turned around to me and said that I must do something she needs to know about because I looked good "for my age" and asked me what I did.  So first I was pissed because I thought she meant I was old, but of course curious me asked her how old she thought I was.  She said 38 and inside I did the happy dance while I said why would I need something at 38?  Then I told her what I ate, what I used and that I stayed OUT of the sun as much as possible.  So then I asked them how old they were......

Laser treatment girl was 32 and $250 cream girl was 35.  I almost fell over....

I told them I was 49, soon to be 50, and I thanked them for the compliment as it was confirmation I was doing the right thing for my skin.  I felt good about me and sad for them....especially by the reaction on their face when i said I was 49.

As laser treatment girl paid for her groceries I saw that the magazine was $9.95.  I picked one up and flipped through it and saw that it was full of advice and advertisements for different doctors (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, etc) and quickly put it back.  I check out and headed outside to where I saw the girls getting into a car together.  Now I know why they can afford the stuff they buy, they got into a very old Mercury (my guess is early 90's model).  I think I would have put the money towards a Mercedes and skipped the beauty treatments.

I got in my car and thought to myself how sad I was for them.  Here they were, so young and worried about the most stupid things.  The things that don't bring you happiness and don't allow you to be known for who you really are, only what you think you see in the mirro.

How old do you look today?

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