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HorseTail : Solution to Balding?

Posted Nov 26 2009 10:00pm 2 Comments

Okay, I am loosing my hair. Really loosing it. To the point that I can see my scalp now. There a huge spot in it that has no hair already. This has happen before but this is worst. I am praying that the hair fall will stopped miraculously but unfortunately that did not happen yet. So the other day despite my heavy schedule I went to this store that sells beauty product. I thought there were selling shampoo with aloe vera extract. I was wrong. They don’t have any. The sales person was offering me their virgin coconut oil shampoo instead. I was a bit hesitant to get it and then he suggested that I should try their HORSETAIL shampoo! Since I heard of this already, I bought it. Today, I’ll be using it and will update if it’s help me to get my hair back.

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Ok, I just found the ingredient list for Regenepure:

see what I mean???

I have some great advice for you. Make sure any shampoo that you use does not have any sulfates like Sodium Laureth Sulfate.  Most commercial shampoos have sulfates and other harsh chemicals.  Study the ingredients.  Check out Regenepure DR.  They list all of their ingredients and the benefits.  One of the active ingredients is Ketoconazole.  The Regenepure NT hs the horsetail extract that you mentioned.  In addition to many other beneficial ingredients. 
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