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History Channel Presents: The Unknown World of Autoimmune diseases-Lupus

Posted Aug 05 2010 8:45am
Good Morning/Almost afternoon already!
I have just returned from this morning's adventures to North Shore LIJ Hospital/The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research....My doctor and I had a long consultation/exam and after reviewing blood work from "Club E.R." Sunday evening, have concluded I am in the midst of a Big Time flare...(That is attacking whatever the F*ck it feels like apparently) My joints are also quite inflamed (she showed me how "squishy" they feel aka Inflammation) and we will be staying on the higher doses of prednisone for a bit and doing a slower taper than orginally anticipated while the Cellcept hopefully builds up and does work on this flare...With that being said, I must say between the flare and the Cellcept it is nice to not be starving 24/7 on the Prednisone (cellcept kills your appetite, and as most of you know...So do flares...So My guess is they are counteracting one another and that's fine by me for the time being...So long as I have my Java!) So it has been long night of little to no sleep, followed by an intense morning, but I must say the people over at the Feinstein Institute are fantastically wonderful, very polite and extremely kind and welcoming, and I would like to extend a big thank you out to them for the impeccable hospitality they offered me this morning. But without further adieu, let's get down to Business...

In the midst of all of this medical research discussions and labs/tests/etc...I kept thinking... Lupus/Autoimmune diseases have so many unknowns (hence why they are so difficult to diagnosis/treat).. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a series that discussed/educated the public about this up and coming class of diseases that can reek havoc upon one's life...So I am proud to present you with: History Channel's Newest mini-series; The Unknown World of Autoimmune diseases-Lupus (and it's narrated by Sogreni Weaver, That's right she did planet earth (my obsession...Yes I'm a giant love it!) and now she's back and better than ever to bring you "The Unknown World of Autoimmune diseases-Lupus"!

The World of Autoimmune diseases has many unknowns, from what causes it, to how to diagnose them, and even how to treat them... Scientists and researchers have been baffled by the World of Autoimmune diseases for decades...Today, we'd like to offer you a ride through the history of one of the more common Autoimmune diseases that strikes the general population; Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that attacks joints, organs, tissues etc. of the body and goes through periods of flares and remissions (although not in the same sense as a cancer patient...Remission simply means Blood markers are stable and symptoms are not as severe/present).

The history of Lupus, although dates back to at least the Middle Ages, has just recently come more into the public eye these past few decades. Researchers are hopeful that they will be able to develop a better understanding of the development and progression of the disease, which in turn, will lead to more specific and effective treatments. Now....We'd like to take you on a journey through the timeline of Lupus in history, so grab your blankets, get comfy and stay tuned for the history of Lupus, on our History Channel Presents: The Unknown World of Autoimmune diseases.


13th Century: The first mention of the Butterfly Rashes on the malar area of the face is recognized. The term "Lupus" which is latin for wolf is first attributed to the disease, as the Physician, Rogerius used this term to describe the facial lesions that resemble bite and scratch marks of that of a wolf.

Cruising way ahead and skipping a few centuries, we now arrive at the 19th Century.

19th Century: The dermatological features of Lupus are described by Thomas Bateman, Cazenave and Moriz Kaposi.

1846- Ferdinand Von Herba describes the Butterfly Rash for the first time...What a stud... check him out to your left! I bet the ladies couldn't keep there hands off him!

1856- Von Herba publishes the first Illustations of SLE Lupus in his Atlas of Skin Diseases (They have a whole Atlas for that?)

1872- Kaposi first describes that there are different types of Lupus, and digs further into the Systemic nature of the disease.

1894- Payne first discovers the usefulness of "quinine" in treating Lupus (aka Plaquenil: Hydrochloroquinine") That's right folks, the same drug used today as the first line treatment for Lupus has been around since 1894...Not saying much for the discoveries of Lupus and it's progression of understanding in the medical it?

Skipping ahead a few decades we arrive at the 1940s...

1948- Phillip Hench discovers cortisone, and that it provides the greatest therapy for Lupus (and to calm inflammation...I am not sure whether to love this man or hate him...Give him a hug... or kick him in the "you know whats") Thanks for that Phil! Later on in 1955, Prednisone is created (a synthetic form of cortisone...BOOOOO)

1955- Plaquenil gets FDA approval (please note this was the LAST time a drug was approved for SLE Lupus treatment... over 55 years ago folks...Speaks wonders for the "Unknown and mysterious thing lupus has going")

1971- A committee for North American Rheumatologists meet and establish the criteria for diagnosing SLE Lupus (The same criteria used today...)

1977- The first Lupus awareness observance occurs, after President Jimmy Carter signed teh Public Laws 95-72.

In 1982- The American College of Rheumatology revised the criteria for diagnosing Lupus (although they were mostly minor changes made to the original criteria)

* Information provided by

So as you can plainly see, the world of Autoimmune diseases, and specifically Lupus, are quite mysterious and have many unknowns...Even with all of the advanced medical technology that has come of age...Lupus still leaves most researchers baffled as each case presents itself entirely different and progresses differently as well. If you would like more information on Lupus please visit the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) site and explore it a bit!

And that concludes our first of the History Channel's mini-series: The Unknown World of Autoimmune diseases: Lupus. And before we go...I have a very special CHRONICLYsILLY share your story Challenge to share with all of you today...My dear friend Kim (or should I saw TLM twin) who also writes for The Lupus Magazine , has a blog that you all must read! It is so very informative and full of knowledge and Kim is quite an interesting person herself! So please check it out; Redefining myself...with Lupus and MS ! Also! Yours truly is featured in a Press Release that came out today from the TLM! So check it out! Press Release! (Also located under links on the right hand side!) And of course before we part ways....We must share the Page of Hope and the Link for the Butterfly Gala...Please stop by, sign the guestbook and make a contribution! ...No I did not forget...We will conclude our post with the daily Jolt-of-Java that keeps us all going throughout the day!

Jolt of Java: "To become truly great...One has to stand with People...Not above them" -MC

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