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Posted Feb 24 2010 7:19am

Someone I know has been suffering from hemroids for a long time now. He is already familiar to the pain it brings because he has it for about five years already. At first he does not want to consult a doctor about it because he was a bit embarrassed and is not comfortable with the idea of anyone looking at it even if it’s a doctor. But since he knows that I am familiar in the medical field and have been subjected to countless embarrassing moment of being probed under the eye of a medical professional, I was able to convince him to go see a doctor.

The check up has brought a positive result on his understanding of hemorrhoids. He now knows what causes it and how he can manage the pain. Armed with the knowledge from the doctor he started his quest to look for hemroid treatment . He knows that surgery might be his only hope if he did not start looking for alternative solution to his problems. And also, he started changing his diet and he is on his way to quit smoking. The doctor he consulted was firmed in telling him that he really needs to give up smoking because a lot of his health problems are related to nicotine.

Now, he is not totally free of his hemorrhoids but he is thankful that somehow he was able to find hemroids relief . This is one of the things that I always tell those approached me with their health problems. I tell them that to cure any disease one have a full advantage if it’s detected early. So, if you feel that there is something wrong with your body readily go to the doctor. From there you can decided what to do next. At least once a medical profession examined you he can tell you what’s wrong and what you can do. After that everything is in your hand already.

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