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Good day bad night

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:19pm

Yesterday I had a lovely time looking at cars with my son. He is due to get a new car March 1 st and so his next brother down and I went with him to look. We found one that looks ideal for Robert, now it is down to spec and price because the same car is made by Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat. It is a bit van like, but that gives it some really good features. You feel higher in the driving seat, the boot is enormous for the wheelchair and also the back doors slide so parking is easier. Then there is the head room that certain members of the family need. It was tiring for me because you have to stand for so long in the showroom.

Last night was awful after such a good day. I could not get comfortable in bed my back and legs hurt. So I decided that I would finish reading my book. By about 1:30 I was still not asleep and so Michael and I came downstairs for a drink and also to relax.

I often find that getting up and going downstairs helps. I am sure it is because of two things; one is that changing position can help because I often have a problem laying down and every time I roll over I wake myself up because it hurts. The other thing that helps is that I usually put the TV on. This takes your mind off of what is hurting.

By about 4, having dozed a bit we finally went back to bed.

I spent the next couple of hours falling asleep, rolling over and waking myself up because of the pain. It was really bad last night. In the end I got up at 7 and came down for my meds. I had wanted to take my pain relief at 3am but as Michael pointed out I would then be suffering later in the day.

Today I have spent time trying to study, dozing off and watching TV. I just do not know why some days I really hurt and others I just hurt. I had assumed that morphine should take the pain away.

On the good side of things I have joined a new forum for people with APS and lupus. Also one of my internet friends has offered to make a logo for something that I want to set up. If it works out we need a logo and I did not know if I should just ask her.   But when I told her what I was thinking of doing she offered to do the graphics for me. She is really good and I have not got a clue.

I also got a good feedback from my tutor; I did need to get some help to understand it. It is so frustrating when you read or hear something and despite knowing what each word means it just does not seem to make sense when you combine the words.

Now it is almost 10 pm and I am shattered, but putting off going to bed as what usually happens is that I go to bed and then it all starts to hurt.

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