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Getting Inspired All Over Again

Posted Aug 21 2011 12:00am
So, I've been thinking.  I love my Sunwarrior products, but in reality they are pricey and a little processed too.  Not like Fruit Loops mind you, but something I would hope to keep for my winter needs here in Colorado.  Also, I've missed my wheat grass shots since leaving Florida!  Oh not for the taste (cant stand it!) but for the energy and health benefits alone!  It makes such a huge difference for me when I have it.  I use to make them  myself, but my juicer wouldn't fit in the car so I gave it to a friend who I know appreciates it.  So when I arrived here in Colorado I had a hard time finding a place near where I was staying to get my fix.  When I moved into my new apartment I finally found a place that serves them close by, but the $3.50 a shot sticker shock (in Florida I could get one for $2) sent me searching.  Short of buying a juicer (which I cannot afford right now) and making my own wheat grass, what's a girl to do?  I haven't even SEEN wheat grass in the stores anywhere so that means I would have to make my own.  Not diffiuclt since I do have a fabulous porch with plenty of room to do it, but before I could make it to the store for containers and the internet for seeds, I found this

Frozen WheatGrass Shots by Evergreen.  Evergreen wheatgrass is grown in the rich, organic fields of Ontario and harvested after a full, 200-day growth cycle. After extraction, the fresh juice is immediately flash frozen in single serve cubes to preserve the nutrients and enzymes.

So I have actually heard of others making their own wheat grass shots one day a week and freezing them in ice cube trays to use during the week.  With Evergreen (I paid $13.95 for a 10 pack) I'm only paying $1.40 a shot.  For now I can live with it.....but I may still look into harvesting my own.  However that means I have to get a new juicer!!!

You just put the cube in a bag in hot water to defrost and turn into a shot, OR as my friend Beth does ~ put one in the fridge before going to bed and in the morning its defrosted for her to down a shot before hitting the shower!

Why WheatGrass?  Well for starters its a no brainer for anyone with an autoimmune disease because its a white cell blood builder and anyone with an autoimmune disease has a low white cell count!  It also increases your energy, clears your skin, encourages weight loss, reverses gray hair, cures allergies, is anti aging, builds up the immune system, encourages digestion, detoxifies the body, cuts out your sugar cravings, and so many more that I would never list them all!

 OK so how can I win a new juicer?
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