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GallStones and Scoliosis

Posted Feb 26 2011 4:41am

Health is wealth. That is what they always say. When you are healthy you don’t give attention to that adage. But when you got sick you realized that there is no amount of gold bars that can match a healthy body. Take it from me. It is hard getting sick. Harder when your illness has no cure yet. You just have to deal with the complication and pray that it would lead to anything severe.

Now, it’s not only I that is sick in the family. Well, my brother has scoliosis for a long time now but it’s not severe so he just ignored it. But lately my older sister is complaining of back pains. So she consulted the doctor and she was ordered to undergo rehab to correct her bone. Then last week, she complains of stomach pain. She underwent ultrasound and they found out that she has gall stones. Well, I also have gall stones but they don’t hurt that much. I told my sister that there is a herbal remedy for gallstones. It involves apple cider and olive oil. I don’t if she will try it but hopefully if she does the gallstones will be removed.

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