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For better temperature

Posted Apr 04 2009 11:17pm

How to beat the summer heat? Well, you can go to a nearby pool and take a plunge. But of course, beware of sun burns. Or you can eat ice cream to cool you off but then again too much ice cream might give you sore throat and additional pounds. Or the best option is to stay at home, watch tv and turn on your aircondition. But still there is a cons to this. You become a couch potato and your electric bill will shot up. What to do?

Me? I reallly don’t know but I have decided not to let the heat get me. As they always say, mind over matter. I tend to my business as usual. But there are things that I started to notice because of the heat. For example, seems like our air condition unit is not giving out maximum cold temperature. I am thinking it might be time to change the filter. But the problem is I don’t know how to. And also I don’t know where to buy. lol. So in an effort to maximized its usage I will just clean it in the days to come. And then do some research about its filter.

Also, I am considering on buying some portable AC for our living room. Said room is where I am spending most of my time with the computer. And I wanted it to be cooler. So, I am checking out some models in for my options. For now, again, its mind over matter. lol.

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