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First day of School, Invisible Illnesses and A Lupie-licious Purple hippo?

Posted Sep 07 2010 6:16am
Good Morning and Hello first day of Grad classes?
I'm not sure where summer went, but it is indeed September and back to school we go! I am excited to be starting my graduate classes this evening, and am prepping the numerous jugs-O-Java I will be taking along with me! I hope you all had a lovely Lupie Labor day weekend and are not down too many spoons from various Labor day festivities and events! While I was busy busy busy this weekend with Labor day activities, I took some down time yesterday to relax
and get some things ready for my 2 classes this evening, as well as some things done for CHRONICLYsILLy that I have been working on (with the help of my brother!) So I'd Like to share with you two new logo/mascots for CHRONICLYsILLy that we have created! One, a fantastically plump purple hippo (name has not yet been decided... We are asking for your help on our Facebook page to see if we can come up with a creative name for him!--and yes it's a male Hippo with Lupus!) as well as a new logo, that is bright, cheery, colorful and quite CHRONICLYsILLy if you ask me!

National Invisible Illness Week-September 13-19th, 2010

Now, We have a few big weeks coming up in the Lupie/Chronically Ill world and I'd like to highlight a few events/activities we have coming up, some of which you can take part in from the comfort of your bed! First, next week marks Invisible Illness week for 2010! During this week, they have asked for bloggers and patients of invisible illnesses to band together and raise awareness throughout the week for invisible illnesses. One way they have asked us to help, is by making a list of 30 things you may not know about my illness. I'd love to compile a list from everyone who is a little CHRONICLYsILLy taking one or two ideas from each person that wishes to participate and posting them in a lengthy blog post during invisible illness week, where their 2010 slogan is, "Each one can reach one!" This shows that every little step you take, or event you participate in, (such as our 30 things list!-- even though I'd love to collect more than 30 from all of you and share as many as we can!) counts! If you too are a blogger, head on over to Blogger's Unite, where you can register for free and join the cause to blog for invisible illness week! Also be sure to stop by the Invisible Illness websit e and check out other ways you can spread and raise awareness (one of which includes post it notes!) Their website is also chockfull of wonderful information and articles so be sure to stop by, and if you have something to contribute to our "30 Things about my illness you didn't know" list leave us a message on the Facebook page, or email us at or (which ever you'd prefer!) Feel free to create pictures, poems, stories etc... I'd love to share everything and anything during this week to raise awareness and want everyone to participate! Each one can reach one!

We also have the First EVER Inaugural Butterfly Gala being hosted by the Lupus Foundation of America exactly one week from today! (can you believe it!?) I am a founding member for the NYC Gala Jr. Fundraising committee and am very excited to be attending the event (in a purple gown of course!) and spreading awareness and meeting a ton of wonderful new individuals all who have set out to raise awareness and take part in the LFA's Grass roots campaign for Lupus advocacy and awareness! And I just got word the other day that I am allowed to bring a guest to the event, so of course, I will be taking my mom with me as she is always so supportive and helps me with so much, from managing my medications to taking me to appointments and all the in-betweens! I am looking forward to blogging to you after the event that Wednesday and sharing photos, and stories, as well as lots of great new information all about the Gala! If you would like to contribute to the grass roots fundraising campaign, you can check out my Page of Hope--> Nothing is Kim Possible , sign the guestbook (I love the words of encouragement that have been left!) and if you'd like make a small contribution to the LFA for research and advocacy!

And those are just some of the wonderful events we have coming up this September to keep you eyes peeled for and get involved in! The best part is, for many of these, you can get involved for free without leaving the comfort of your home... Awareness was never so easy to raise--Thank goodness for the internet! And Now I Will wrap it up as I have some errands to run and things to get done before my classes this evening, I hope you all have a splendidly spoon-filled Tuesday and enjoy the fantastic (at least on the east coast!) weather we are having!... No I did not forget our Jolt-of-Java although with the brain fog I could see why you would be concerned, so without further adieu and before we part ways, here is our Jolt-of-Java for today!

Jolt-of-Java: "Sometimes I pretend to be normal... But it gets boring So I go back to being me..." -unkown

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