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Feb Laboratory Results

Posted Feb 24 2009 9:47pm

I am still waiting for the result of my C3 since the clinic needs three days to process my blood. But I already got the result for my urinalysis, blood count, serum creatinine, pt inr and Xray.

Here it is :

Urinalysis - based on what I see, I have UTI. Some pus cells but I am thankful that the ALBUMIN and SUGAR are both NEGATIVE.

CBC - high WBC. I don’t know if I should be worried about this. I’ll just wait what my rheuma will tell me.

PT INR - It’s 4.2%. My normal value should only range around 2%. And I think this is the reason for the bleeding.

CREATININE - lower than normal. Mine is 59.7 but the normal values should be 61 - 123. At first I was worried since CREA is an indication that you have kidney problems but when I researched about it, it says that a higher crea equates kidney problem but a lower crea indicates decreased muscle mass. This one is new to me so I have to checked with Dr. I.

XRAY - clean lungs. Yahoo!

I don’t want to rejoice yet since I have to know the interpretation of all this from my rheuma who I will be seeing tomorrow. I just hope he says that my condition is A Okay!

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