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Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

Posted Aug 20 2011 12:00am
That's the name of a film I just watched.  Its about Joe, a guy from Australia who has an autoimmune disease and excess weight and many meds who finally wants to do something about his health (with the help of Dr. Furman of course!).  He goes on a green juice fast but instead of sitting home he travels across the U.S. to learn more about how people feel about themselves, there diet, and what they are (or are not!) doing about it.  Check out the trailer to the movie

And then you can go here and watch it!  Oh and there is Phil.....who will make you sad and then happy and astounded by his determination and desire to help others and success over his own health and life.  All because one guy (that would be Joe) took the time to want to help him.

Its totally inspirational and a must watch movie for anyone who has health issues, is on a good health routine and waning, interested in how others heal their body, or have loved ones on medications or with diease.  All disease starts with one thing: inflammation.  Its where that inflammation goes that will determine what happens to your body (diabetes, cancer, heart disease).  Your genetics only make up 5% of who you are.  The other 95% is all about what you do to your body and how you take care of it.  Its a gift, a loan if you will from the big cheese himself GOD.  If you borrowed someone's car wouldn't you be more careful with it?  Then why aren't you with your body?

Joe has a great blog called Reboot Your Life where he has great information on health as well as great juice recipes and while I am a die hard smoothie fan, I did juice for a year when I was first starting my road to remission and yes he has made me miss it and he even has a Breville Juicer in the movie and that was my juicer!  Go figure...  may have to head on over to Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% off coupon and get me one!

Take the time to watch the movie.... you won't be sorry.

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