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Posted Jun 24 2013 10:18pm
I never did get around to blogging about the fact that I did have an endoscopy a couple of Thursdays ago.  This pesky reflux has its ups and downs, and sometimes I can't even sleep! I complained to my Transplant Coordinator, explaining to her how uncomfortable this was.  She ordered the endoscopy.

Lemme just say this- I have a SERIOUS gag reflex. I've had endoscopies before, and they consisted of a drowsy Miz Flow dry heaving absolutely nothing since I had been fasting since the night before.  This time, I explained that my gag reflex was out of control. I was given some medication to calm me.

I kid you not- the next thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing my fully uniformed father smiling at me. " it over?" I said, in my genuinely surprised voice. "Yup!" said Pops.  I guess they gave me the good stuff and knocked me ALL the way out.. Hey, fine by me!

Anyhow, Dr. Lily did mention that I did have minor redness/swelling near the bottom of my throat due to reflux.  He suggested that I continue on with the pantaloc that I'm currently taking for 90 days, then re-evaluate at that time. Well, this is what he told me Dad and what he wrote in a half page report that he provides to all of his patients after completing an colonoscopy, endoscopy, ect.  If I had been even semi-alert, I'd have told him that I've been on pantaloc for a loooong time, and when my coordinator tried to stop it as it seemed to possibly be affecting some of my blood results, my body/reflux/throat was having NONE OF IT. I actually had to stop in the middle of work and walk to the local Zellers to buy zantac.  It was minimally effective, but it was better than nothing I suppose.  Dr. Lily did confirm that it was likely the medication that I was on that was causing these reflux symptoms.  Guess I'm just going to have to live with it and keep taking something to keep my acid at bay.  I wonder if there are any methods of controlling reflux that are more natural..something to think about.
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