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does it ever effect the G.I. system?

Posted by spoonie

Diahrea, severe cramping.  I was given Asacol by my family physician and it helps stop the diahrea.  I still have  horrible cramping when I have a bowel movement.  Sometimes I have bleeding with the cramping.  Bright red.

 May I also like to ask about fatigue.  My body is just completely out of energy.  I used to have so much motivation, especially at holidays and birthdays.  Now I am lucky to get my chores done.  I am 48 and was brought in to hospital with breating trouble , I had 3 blood clots in my rgt lung.  They did a specific test that assured the Dr. I did have Lupus. Now I am on Coumidin for the rest of my life.  Sometime  I need to be in bed all day and all night, napping off and on.  HELP!!!!!!  It really scares me.  When I was 40 I did arobics and biked the state trail, I would go to the city pool and swim laps.  In High school I was in tennis, played girls soft ball, ran in track and field.  Long distance running was my favorite competition, only 1 mile, I practiced at home 10miles.   I have had 4 kids and 4 grandkids.  Now that I have been diagnosed with Lupus, I am barely able to babysit w/out being wiped out.  Is this normal?  You are so sweet to help me with these questions. God Bless your heart.r

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