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Do you ever get really tired of having PIDD? If so, read what a guest writer had to say about her experience of living with PI

Posted May 06 2009 1:17pm

We all get fed up with having a chronic disease.   It wears us out, and it grows old after a while. 

How many times can we tell our family and friends and co-workers NO?

This is a very humorous take on this topic written by a PIDD patient and friend of mine, Shawne.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

                                      I want a divorce!

    Listen, this immune deficiency thing was fun for awhile. I mean, I’d been looking for so long, years and years, so when I first met it I couldn’t have been happier. Some people look their whole lives and never find something like that. I was lucky. So for awhile, it was great. Like I could finally relax now that I’d found it. It went to bed with me every night and it was always still there when I woke up in the morning. It even came to work with me. And if I didn’t feel up to doing anything much, it was perfectly content to hang out on the couch and watch bad movies with me.   Also, I’d been trying so hard for so long to figure out a way to get doctors to listen to me and it turned out the immune deficiency was pretty good at helping me with that. It spoke up for me, when I couldn’t. Also, it introduced me to a lot of its other good friends, which I’m grateful for.
But here’s the thing…it’s starting to smother me. I mean all this closeness, don’t you think it’s just a little too much? I’m sick of the way it leaves my sheets all wet with sweat at night, and it leaves little balls of kleenex everywhere. It doesn’t seem to care if the house is a disaster and if the laundry hasn’t been done in weeks. In fact, I think it prefers things that way. And it reliably attacks me every three months, dragging me to one of those doctors it seems to be so fond of. I’m beginning to find that experience to be a little boring. At night sometimes, it stays so close I can’t even breathe. Literally, I have to take a shower right away in the morning just to get it off my chest and get a little breathing room. It distracts me at work and I fear it’s trying to convince me I should just stay home with it and watch bad movies all day. But see, that life may be fine for the immune deficiency, but it isn’t fine for me. I mean this business of attacking my body and forcing me to stick needles in myself - doesn’t that sound a little like a domestic violence situation?
So, I’ve decided to file for a divorce from my immune deficiency. I know it’ll be hard. It may try to attack me and it may do everything in its power to stop me from leaving it. I’m going to need a really really good lawyer. You see, I just don’t want to be married to it anymore.
Anyone else get infections reliably every three months, as in you can predict when the next one will be? I seem to have settled into a pattern. Is there some significance to the three month thing? They’re getting worse, too. I don’t understand that.


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