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Posted Dec 20 2008 5:58pm

I do. But before I had lupus I always thought that Alternative Health Care Medicine  can never cure a person. That’s it was just all publicity and those who have claimed to be healed by alternative medicine were only paid to say that they were cured. Unfortunately, I was struck by LUPUS and traditional ways cannot help me. Like going to the doctor regularly and taking the medicine they prescribed to me religiously. I thought my case was a hopeless one and that I won’t never be able to go back to the normal me.

Despite the feeling of hopelessness, my husband (who was just my boyfriend then) and I never stopped researching. We read every material that is available about LUPUS. From their I learned more about my disease and some approached that I haven’t tried yet and there is a possibility of cure. So I started taking a step of drinking some herbal medicines to free myself from the toxins in my body. As I talk the herbal med I see a great improvement in my body. Improvement that traditional medicine were not able to give me. Because of this I have grown more interested with alternative medicine. Especially when I read a book that was authored by a LUPUS patient that alternative medicine have help her a lot.

So I started searching for Alternative Medicine Doctors  and the feedback from their patients. I have learned a lot. Enough for me to accept my fate as a lupus patient and change my lifestyle to accomodate my new undertakings. Slowly, alternative medicines made way to my life and created a path to normalcy. Through alternative medicine I was able to get back on track again. But as I always say to people who heard my story about my lupus and my road to recovery, what is best for me may not be suitable for them. So I always tell them to practice anything new with caution, agree?

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