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DLA Medical

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:20pm

I was very worried about going for the medical for DLA and over the preceding days have not slept well or been able to concentrate on things.

Yesterday I finally got it over and done with. My eldest son drove us there. I am a very nervous passenger and poor lad gets to have his mum make comments like telling him that the cars in front have stopped. As if he cannot see that for himself! I don’t know why I do that, it is not special awareness because I can still parallel park the car. Maybe it is nothing to do with my health and more about me being a control freak.

We had a bit of a problem getting to the building because the map that we looked at showed the one way system the wrong way around. So we had to go around the block in a figure of 8 before we got there. Robert dropped us off outside the door.

The lift was working and although it was small I was so worked up that I just got in it.

The man who got in with us said that he was still waiting for his appointment that was at 11:30 and it was now 2:45! It transpired that he was there for another medical. In fact the waiting room was about a 3 rd full and most of the people there looked perfectly well. Of course one cannot tell what is wrong with people by looking at them, but it did make me wonder what other medicals they did there.

The receptionist told us that I was the next one as everyone else was waiting for a different reason.

The wait was only about 10 minutes after the time of my appointment. The doctor came and called me and watched as Michael helped me off of the chair. Just as I had been warned it was a long corridor and I was not able to get there in one go. The pain was so bad by the time I sat down in the medical room. Stress does play a part in my pain levels I am sure.

There were lots of questions about what I considered to be wrong with me and also about what meds I took, and which specialists I saw. He asked a lot of questions about daily life and what I did.

Then came the medical examination. I did not understand what he meant about if I wanted someone else to do the exam, he was the doctor I had my husband in the room, but maybe it was in case I wanted a woman to examine me, I don’t know.

The medical exam consisted of me standing and bending and twisting to see how much movement I had. Some moves I could do, albeit not very far and others I just could not do. I was in so much pain doing this that I was crying, also at one stage I tried to do what he said and the pain was so bad I yelped.

Then I had to lie down, not easy at the best of times. He asked me to do a few movements lying down. This was ok until he asked me to raise my right leg keeping the knee straight. I tried and nothing happened. He asked why my leg did not move. My answer was ‘I don’t know, it hurts and it will not move’ eventually I got it about an inch off of the bed.

Once this was all done I had had enough and was relieved that he had finished.

The results will not be known by me for ‘a few weeks’. Here I was hoping to have it all done by Christmas. Still I suppose the fact that he says it will take a few weeks suggests that he did not think I was not entitled to DLA.

When we got back into the waiting room there were a lot of people waiting. They were not happy because whatever medical they were waiting for was so delayed that the receptionist was trying to get some of them to go home and rebook. One lady I overheard say that she had the same thing happen the week before so she was not going home. Also the receptionists were saying that they had tried to ring everyone, but none of them got phone calls.

We had to do a bit of food shopping on the way home. I was exhausted and had to drag myself around the shop holding on to the shopping trolley to help me walk. By the time we got home I was so exhausted I could not even manage to eat my tea.


I slept well last night, 6 hours with only a short break. Today I am tired and hurting; joints that are normally ok are playing up. So I will spend time reading and maybe I can catch up on some study as yet again I am behind!!

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