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Dizzy Spells

Posted Apr 05 2009 11:18pm

Last night while we were chatting with my husband I felt a little bit uncomfortable. I have that twirling feeling and I know I am getting dizzy. Not sure though why. I was trying to conclude that maybe I spend a lot of time online that my eyes are now starting to tell me that I should stop and rest. And every since I had LUPUS I learn to listen to what every part of my body say. So, I bid goodbye to the husband and decided to rest and eventually fell asleep.

Because of the dizzy spells, actually yesterday was not the first time I experienced it, I am thinking of getting myself a reading glass. Which I plan to wear whenever I am in front of the computer or reading some books. In the past I already have reading glasses but I am too lazy to wear it. Imagine that! haha. So I am not sure if this time I would be able to wear it for good! lol. But I think if I would be getting those stylish glasses I saw at Visions King then I for sure would be wearing them any time of the day. The glasses at that site are fashionable and have UV protection and anti scratch. Something a woman like me looks for in a reading glass!

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