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Did you Know? Fun Facts and Tid bits about Lupus!

Posted Aug 23 2010 8:11pm
Good Morning and hello Java (Oh... How I love thee!)
Good morning everyone and I hope you are all having a great day today full of spoons! I'd like to introduce you to the newest resource available to serve you through CHRONICLysILLy-- An AIM account! That's right we now have an instant messaging account that you can add to your own buddy list, and shoot us messages, comments, questions, topics you'd like to see covered etc! So add us and Instant message us so we can add you and better support you and bring you smiles all day long! Our status will be Jolts-of-Java too so if you need some extra Jolts, you're in luck! Also, on a side note and while I have your attention...  CHRONICLYsILLy Designs©  has gone international and is now shipping overseas!

As you know this week (since Saturday) we started our CHRONICLYsILLy Campaign for Lupus awareness Week...And we have been discussing ways you can raise awareness and get involved without even leaving the comfort of your bed!) as well as educating and spreading the word about Lupus to raise awareness and get Lupus more into the public eye! We have been doing out three "Learning about Lupus" facts daily, that are there so you can copy and paste them to say your Facebook status, your twitter status updates, or perhaps into an email and send them to someone that would like to learn more or the people in your life that you would like to help learn about lupus and educate. Well today, I will of course, supply our three Learning about Lupus facts, along with some "Did you know?" Fun facts and interesting Tid-bits of information about Lupus and Autoimmune diseases! So let's get our day going with our three facts!

Learning About Lupus- Facts to Share:

Fact #1- Lupus often occurs with other Autoimmune diseases and it is not uncommon to have multiple or more than one Chronic illness, in fact, it is more common that autoimmune diseases occur together (overlapping) than they do alone.

Fact #2- An actual "Lupus headache" refers to a specific type of headache that occurs with Lupus patients where the disease is active and there is actual inflammation around the brain that causes discomfort and headaches. (I did not know this until the other day and thought it was very interesting because "Lupus headache" is used as such a blanket term, generally speaking...)

Fact #3- Studies show that men with Lupus (only about 10% of all Lupus patients are men!) have more severe Kidney, nervous system and blood vessel complications compared to female that have Lupus.

There are our three "Learning about Lupus" Facts for this stormy Monday morning, and I'm grabbing a quick refill on my Java... Now that I have replenished my fueling source, Today, I'd like to share with you some Fun Did you know? Facts about Lupus that I found to be quite interesting and even a little Lupie (and of course, they will be presented in our CHRONICLYsILLy fashion!) So without further Adieu lets get down to business!

Did you Know...

The Red Cross is one of the few organizations that now accepts blood donations from Lupus patients, even when they are on therapies such as Cortisteroids and Plaquenil. They state that while Lupus used to disqualify a patient from donating this is no longer the case. If you are interested in donating blood however, it must be carefully and closely discussed with your doctor.

Did you know...

Doctors sometimes use the term "Connective Tissue Disease" interchangeably with "Lupus" because Connective Tissues diseases is an "old school" term if you will that doctors use when discussing Autoimmune diseases.

Did you know...

Lupus does have a genetic disposition... however that does not mean that simply because you have Lupus your child will have Lupus. What this means is that if you have someone who is a first degree relative (directly related) that has Lupus, you are more likely to develop Lupus than someone that does not have any family members with the disease. (I did not know that this is what "genetic disposition meant... did you?)

Did you know...

If Lupus is left untreated, it is difficult to predict what would happen because Lupus is a heterogenous disease. This means it is dependent upon the various manifestations each specific case of lupus has. Someone could leave their Lupus untreated for years and be virtually symptom free, while another person who's lupus manifests itself through organ involvement would be in immediate danger to not treat their lupus. (Please do not think you can stop taking your meds and your Lupus will be fine! This was just a fun fact that I was unaware of and thought might be of interest... It really shows the diverse ways Lupus presents itself and how unique each case is! So keep taking that prednisone... )

Did you know...

Diet and nutrition can in fact help with lupus. Eating foods that are particularly high in Omega-3s are beneficial due to their anti-inflammatory agents. It is recommended that Lupus patients increase Omega-3s in their diet (hey it couldn't hurt at this point right!) and eat a well balanced diet. Antioxidants are also a big bonus! So drink up that pomegranate juice or pour a glass of red wine and treat yourself-- After all... It's for the Lupus!

Did you know...

There are many symptoms of Lupus and it can sometimes be difficult to understand what is directly from the Lupus and what is not. Simply stated... It is almost impossible to tell, unless you have had those symptoms prior and the doctor has indeed confirmed they are related to your Lupus. I'd like to share an article from the Summer 2010 Lupus Now Magazine that I had stumbled upon last night as I was reading the copy that Chelsea from the LFA had brought to me:  "Can I Blame it on the Lupus"  check it out it's a really interesting article full of information and I had to chuckle upon reading the title, especially after yesterday's post, "Blame it on the prednisone!"

And that wraps up our Did you know section for this dark and stormy, doomy and gloomy Monday morning here on the east coast! I hope you all learned a lot (I found them to be really interesting, as I was unaware, especially of the Red Cross accepting donations with doctor's approval--Who Knew?) And I really do recommend the "Can I blame it on the Lupus" article, it was really interesting and I had no idea some of the things I learned (and hence shared here with all of you!) I am off to replenish my coffee yet again, as I seem to have reached the bottom of the mug (they really should make bigger coffee mugs... Come on 20 ounces... that's weak!) 
Jolt-of-Java: Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same- The Fray  
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