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Dialysis unit-Florida!

Posted Jan 03 2010 6:52pm
As promised, here are some pictures of the dialysis unit I went to when I was in Florida. As promised, I will upload pictures of Disney World at a later time!

Person beside me. I like the small personal tvs, as well as the window!

This is the dialysis machine being used

I am taking this picture lying down as you can see by my blanket. My blanket says "wrap me around you" in case you're interested. Anyhow, the nurses' station is to the left beside the lady in red currently on dialysis. Across are more stations

This strange computer thing seemed to be in between every two dialysis machines, as in, each one of these black screens controlled two dialysis machines. I forgot to ask what it was for. Anyone know?

Closer shot of the dialysis machine

My mini tv. I was watching the history channel. Heh

My outer right thigh (haha) and poor unsuspecting man sleeping.

Lights on top of every machine. They work in conjunction with the machine alarms. Green is good. Yellow alarms are iffy. Red alarms require attention sooner rather than later.

That's it! If anyone knows what the computer screen is that controls two different dialysis machines...I'm all ears!

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