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Death of the King of Pop

Posted Jun 27 2009 9:18pm

As I said in my previous post I try to sleep as much as I can. And this past few days I also woke up late ( this might help me achieve that glowing result on the anti wrinkle eye cream I am using by sleeping a lot!) . So yesterday I was late in going online. But when I went online my twitter has a lot of unread tweets. While I was reading them I saw that MJ was dead. I was like thinking. MJ who? Michael Jordan? But that isn’t possible I told myself. So I read some more and then I realized that it is Michael Jackson who died not Michael Jordan. But definitely the news is not a good one. Michael Jackson has been an icon. In fact, his song Thriller is part of a good childhood memory. My first school program (way back when I was kinder) there are kids who were dresses as zoombie to dance it. Yeah, that memory definitely put a smile in my face.

Anyway, while the news of his death flood the internet and tv programs, a lot of speculations have been resurfacing. And then I read an article that surprised me. The King of Pop has suffered from LUPUS but later was put in remission. They cannot claim that he is cured of course because if you have LUPUS, you have it for the rest of your life, right? Now because of what I discovered I come to realized his condition. The rumors on his appearance and his health. Because of this news I somehow felt compassion on him. Despite of his greatness I really was not a fan you know. I know he possessed such a talent but somehow for me all of this are nothing because of the not so good rumors about him. Now, I am interested on the findings regarding his death. Let see.

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