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Dar licks the guilt-thing...

Posted Apr 21 2010 5:00am

On the heels (or should I say "paws") of Monday's post, I want to explore this whole concept of Darwin's ability to just stop when his body said, "Stop!"

When we were walking the other day, and he just all of a sudden plopped down and declared that he wouldn't be walking anymore...I know he wasn't thinking of all of the "consequences" of his decision.

He wasn't worried that I would think any less of him for giving in to his body's need to stop.
He wasn't concerned that he might compromise our walk.
He didn't feel guilty about inconveniencing me, Deirdre, or our walking companions.
He wasn't concerned that he wouldn't get his exercise for the day.
He wasn't worried about the fact that we were at the furthest point from our destination.
He wasn't concerned that his need to ride would slow us down and put us "behind schedule."
He didn't give two HOOTS about the schedule in the first place.
He wasn't worried about what he looked like - a 26-pound pug riding on top of a stroller.
He wasn't concerned that giving in this one time would preclude him from ever walking again.
He wasn't upset with himself for needing to stop.
He didn't feel dejected, unfulfilled, weak, or lazy about stopping.
He didn't mind being vulnerable to the effects of the heat and sun.
He didn't try and make excuses for his need to stop. He just did it.
He didn't turn down my offer to help - he just plopped on top of the stroller and rode.
He didn't try to make up for it when we returned home. In fact, he slept better than ever.

In summation - he considered not one psychological ramification of not walking any longer. He had a physical need, and he met it. He felt better NOT walking, so he stopped.

Boy - what a smart cookie! I know, I know - dogs don't carry around all of the emotional and psychological baggage that we do. But you know what? We don't have to either. We could just turn off those channels every now and again - and just follow our body's lead.

We could say, "my fingers are swelling/aching/burning/turning red or I'm feeling a little fatigued/feverish/foggy/exhausted/rundown right now...I guess I should stop what I'm doing" instead of considering every aspect of stopping before we do so.

I know many believe that dogs aren't as developed as humans...but in this case, I think Dar's got a leg up on me. He's on to something, and I intend to follow suit. You up for following in his paw prints?
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