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Considering the future

Posted Mar 09 2014 10:38pm
Spending a lot of time by myself these last few weeks has really got me thinking. I've been thinking about the future a lot. I'm really looking forward to hopefully (my goal is on or before my birthday in May) securing a proper HR position. I've also been thinking about cleaning up my finances and getting my own place-perhaps a condo or a condo town home (as long as shovelling is included!)

I'm going to be honest. I thought that at this point in my life I'd be a lot...farther than I am right now. I thought I'd be married by now, have at least 1 kid, etc. I know that not everything happens the way WE plan it, and God knows that I'm not one to "settle", but I also know that my circumstances have played a role in my future.

I've been apprehensive about applying for full time jobs in the past. I'll admit it-I've been scared. Scared that I couldn't do it. I was afraid that something would happen with my health and I'd have to miss a whole bunch of days. I'm still scared about that.  I've missed wok because of sinus/ear infections, c. diff, stomach aches, etc...never mind the big stuff, like..joint replacements, kidney transplant, perforated bowel, etc. But, God willing, the real MAJOR surgeries have been dealt with and I can now progress without looking back.

I love to shop-this is no secret. But I've decided to cut way back on my spending habits so that I can save more as well as pay my bills. This way, I can hopefully get my own place. I've been fantasizing about it-I've even started looking online at different units and different town homes...just to see what's out there.  Hmm..maybe I'll play lotto max (the lottery) this week...

No but seriously, as I was saying above, I thought I'd be married and stuff by now, and already living in my own house or my own place with my husband. But, that's not where I am in life right now. Maybe that's what's in store for me, and maybe not. But, I'm not going to be that person who is 40+ years old and still living at home with her parents. In fact, I think living by myself would be a great thing. Being independent, making sure everything is within budget, etc..these are my goals for the next few years.

I don't know that the future will hold-I may meet my husband tomorrow. I may already know him...but I just don't know that he's my future husband yet. Who knows? All I know is that...I'm looking forward to making a change.

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