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Complications of Celiac Disease

Posted Nov 02 2009 12:00am
This is from a book called "Celiac Disease, a Guide to Living with Gluten Intolerance" by Sylvia Llewelyn Bower. Remember that you can find these books at your local library FOR FREE!

On page 38
Known Complications of Celiac Disease
Infertility and Pregnancy Issues
Menopause issues
Neurological Symptoms

Suspected Complications of CD

Liver Disorders
Apthous ulcers(sores in soft mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue)
Joint pain
Down Syndrome
Dysrhythmia(abnormal heart rate)
Autoimmune Disease
Insulin Dependent Diabetes
Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Sjogrens Syndrome

I believe that all the suspected complications are true too, I think in Dr. Peter Green's book he says some of Sylvia's suspected complications have been proven! I really can't say enough that.... if you have a autoimmune problem or just feel off...EVERYONE should be tested for Celiac Disease. It is THE MOST UNDER DIAGNOSED disease in America! You can do Gene Testing(tells whether you have the Celiac gene), Blood testing(if positive you go on to test by endoscopy) and then the endoscopy.
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