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Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack

Posted Jun 27 2009 9:18pm

The death of Michael Jackson and the cause of his death has been all over the internet. According to earlier reports it was cardiac arrest. And so there have been a discussion as to the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. The truth is, when I heard that MJ has lupus and that he suffered from cardiac arrest, I remembered the lecture that my rheumatologist has given me. The complication of LUPUS are far deadlier that LUPUS itself. One of which is the complications of the heart. For a person like me who have been dependent on prednisone for the past seven years, he warned me of the possibility that because of LUPUS and prednisone I will be prone to attack.

So now I am thinking. Is the case of MJ like this ? And since I have no information of what really is a cardiac arrest, i was interested to read through different articles and this is what I found out.

A heart attack happens when a coronary artery is blocked and some heart muscle dies. In sudden cardiac arrest, the heart simply stops beating, and the ventricles, the two blood-pumping chambers at the bottom of the heart, go into fibrillation, a useless fluttering.

What that happens, survival time is measured in minutes. The usual estimate is that the chance of survival goes down 10 percent for every minute that the heart stops beating. That means that Jackson probably could not have been saved, even though he was staying in a home that is only a six-minute drive from the UCLA Medical Center, where paramedics brought him for treatment.

Source :

The two have the same causes. But cardiac arrest is deadlier. Now everybody is waiting for the autopsy and its result.

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