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can cat scratch fever be associated with lyme disease?

Posted by loobylooz

in december i was diagnosed with cat scratch fever and had two long courses of strong antibiotics to get rid of it, since February I have had severe pain in my upper arm between the shoulder and elbow, very painful to raise my arm and I cannot push anything with the arm without pain, it is worsening and \i dont know what it is
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I've been wondering the same? I had cat scratch fever when i was 10 yrs old. Bells palsy when I was 23yrs old. then diagnosed with lyme disease when i was 33 yrs old after another episode of bells palsy and many other symptoms of lyme. Four yrs ago at age 36 yrs old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had optic neuritis with other symptoms of MS. I confirmed this diagnoses with 3 different neurologists and one of the top MS specialist via a Lumbar puncture and MRI of brain. Are all of these strange diagnoses related? Not one MD has been able to tell me the corralation! Also, have a sister diagnosed with MS when she was 24 yrs old. She is now 43. Who really knows???
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