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Biogesic — a pain reliever

Posted Dec 23 2008 1:02pm 1 Comment

Biogesic is a popular medicine here in the Philippines. It is paracetamol and would be the first preference when it comes to fever, headache and even tooth ache. I grow up using this medicine when I had fever.

But when I had lupus I discovered that paracetamol can also serve as pain reliever. My rheuma prescribed it to me to relieved me of my joint pains. At first it did not work on me but now I started taking it when I can’t get up from bed. And it work wonders, really! So now I also have it on hand in my medicine box. And sometimes I know I am overdoing it since I also take two tablets a day. Is there something called paracetamol overdose? lol. Have to check on that.

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Biogesic Side Effects

Digestive system: rarely - dyspepsia; long-term use at high doses - hepatotoxic effects, methemoglobinemia, renal dysfunction and liver, hypochromic anemia. Hemopoietic system: rarely - thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, pancytopenia, neutropenia, agranulocytosis. Allergic reactions: rarely - skin rash, itching, hives.


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