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Benefits of Grilled Food

Posted Mar 10 2010 1:46am

If it’s not a lot of work, I would really prefer grilling over frying. But unfortunately the grill we have at home is a bit of an old fashioned tool that it will take me half a day to grill just a piece of meat. haha. It would be heaven for me if one day, the husband would chose to install a viking grill for me at our backyard.


See the heavy duty grills, quite impressive right? For someone who is so obsessed with kitchen stuff this one thing that I would love to have in our outdoor kitchen. This would really make grilling a lot more fun.

And since we are on the subject of grilling food let me share with you the benefit of GRILLED FOOD which are now my motivation to start a new meal revolution. lol.

This benefits applies to all grilled food ( even those that we cooked in a barbecue grill .

  • it does not produce a lot of fat as compared to other cooking method. It also helps trimmed unwanted fats.
  • It also maintains the natural tenderness and flavor of the meat.
  • aside from the health advantages, it is important to note also that grilling saves energy cost. Especially now that it is summer time.

So have I convinced you that grilling is the way to go? Well, I know this is a popular summer activity not only because of its many benefits but also the fact that it is a great way to bond. We always have a picture at the back of our mind of our family laughing and gather outdoors while grilling food. That’s why I won’t be surprised of the growing popularity of the lynx grills in our community. As I see pictures of it at, I know this kind of grill would really be perfect for any family.

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