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Beating Smoking

Posted Nov 04 2012 1:42am

I have been convincing my husband to quit smoking for a long time now. I told him that his lips are getting darker, signs that nicotine is really having some effect on his health. I really am scared of the side effects of smoking to him. Though right now its his only vice and he has been trying to lessen the bad effects by juicing his vegetable and avoiding eating too much meat and products that contains a lot of preservatives. He also exercise and I do hope in some way this would help him. But of course, it would bringing me great joy if he would stop completely. I am trying to make him look into the smoking cessation programs , which I really think will assist him a lot in our effort to make him beat smoking this coming 2013. I always tell him that he have to do it NOW, since we are not getting any younger and we have to established a healthier future for us for the benefit of our growing girl. Hopefully through the this program he would be able to stop his smoking and will lead a healthier lifestyle for him. Of course as he venture through this program I will be on his side supporting him because I know, quitting a habit which you have been doing for a very long time is such a hard task. But I know my husband, he has a strong will power and if he put his mind to it he would be able to pull through.

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