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Bar hopping? NO- we Doctor office hop-The Lupie Doc Crawl 2010!

Posted Nov 08 2010 11:16am
Good afternoon! And I hope it is a good one for all of CHRONICLYsILLy Folks!
... And so sorry to be so random and sporadic with my posts as of late, but I think my goal will be blogging 3 to 4 times a week during graduate school semesters and whilst I am getting my health under control- I'd love to know what the doc's definition of "under control" is and how it matches up against mine but that is for a different day! I have lots to discuss about my last few days- as I have spent them Doc crawling! That's right- You may bar hop and bar crawl for the big holidays- Hell- I have been known to do some epic bar crawls in my SUNY Cortland days (my cortland girls know what I'm talking about!) however us Lupies and spoonies, we do it big- GO BIG OR GO HOME! We Doctor Office Crawl- but the crawl takes on a whole new meaning! We don't crawl because we are too drunk to stand-oh no! We crawl because our joints are writhing in pain by the time we are headed to our 3rd or 4th office for the day- our joints are inflamed, swollen and aching (where is my hot pink-diva-tastic cane when I need it?!-Oh that's right I'm too damn stubborn to buy it!)

So this past Friday- continuing into my Monday morning- I Doctor office crawled (Something my Lupies and spoonies are all far too familiar with!), and boy were my joints aching- and while I'd like to say the big difference between an actual bar crawl and a doc office crawl is that us spoonies are sober- Well I was not- thanks to my Codeine (which was still doing little to relieve my pain) no worries though folks I had my DD (designated Driver) My good old Poppa Bear with me on Friday and Momma dukes with me this morning! And in typical bar crawl fashion/doc crawl fashion- we went from one doc to another back to the first, and to a third!-->we started at the ENT doc (ears nose throat), moved to the radiologist---> back to the ENT--> (That's right, we doubled back! Sound familiar my bar crawlers!) and then to my surprise, a trip down the hall to the audiologist (Only proving you really don't know where you'll end up during a doctor office crawl!) And after a long morning of more confusion, test results (That contradict and make little to no sense- as always-Like trying to put together the pieces of the drunken night before)- the aftermath of all the doctor office crawl stops- only to end up more confused and where? Of course the pharmacy! what trip to any doctor office (especially after a doctor office crawl) would be complete with a pharmacy trip to battle the senior citizens and their weapons (walkers, canes or the worse-shopping carts etc...) that are twice my age, twice as quick, and take half the amount of medications I do (does anyone else see something wrong here?) In a sense, my prescriptions and new diagnoses I had collected are similar to shot glasses, check marks or T-shirts you would collect on a standard bar crawl I suppose- almost a souvenir of the day's activities and visits, along with my symptoms that I seem to be collecting as the days go on as well! Hopefully This is my last doctor office crawl for a bit- but in the life of a Lupie-You never know when one may take place!

Jolt-of-Java: I'd like to share a poem called the fighter today: An ode and tribute to all my spoonies fighting a chronic illness and any battle every day:

The Fighter
by: S.E. Kiser

I fight a battle every day
Against discouragement and fear;
Some foe stands always in my way,
The path ahead is never clear!
I must forever be on guard
Against the doubts that skulk along;
I get ahead by fighting hard,
But fighting keeps my spirit strong.

I hear the croakings of Despair,
The dark predictions of the weak;
I find myself pursued by Care,
No matter what the end I seek;
My victories are small and few,
It matters not how hard I strive;
Each day the fight begins anew,
But fighting keeps my hopes alive.

My dreams are spoiled by circumstance,
My plans are wrecked by Fate or Luck;
Some hour, perhaps, will bring my chance,
But that great hour has never struck;
My progress has been slow and hard,
I've had to climb and crawl and swim,
Fighting for every stubborn yard,
But I have kept in fighting trim.

I have to fight my doubts away,
And be on guard against my fears;
The feeble croaking of Dismay
Has been familiar through the years;
My dearest plans keep going wrong,
Events combine to thwart my will,
But fighting keeps my spirit strong,
And I am undefeated still

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