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Back to the Grind!

Posted Jan 11 2010 2:05pm
Today was my first day back at school. My class this week is only 2 hours, so it went by pretty quickly. The class I had today was Occupational Health and Safety. According to my professor, many organizations are hiring experts in this field. I obviously cannot make a decision now as the course only just started. but so far so good. My professor seems great.

I will obviously report further as school goes on. I was a bit scared to start school today. I've been feeling pretty tired these last few days. Yesterday and today, I got bad headaches. They both eventually went away. I'm not used to getting headaches so I just hope it was a terrible coincidence. I'm also hoping that the tiredness that I've been feeling is simply due to some inactivity due to not being in school. Hopefully that passes.

I have Occupational Health and Safety again tomorrow. Each of the two classes are 2 hours long. My prof explained to the class that there is a lot of material to be covered where this class is concerned, and that is why it is spread across 2 days. Having just one 4 hour class would be ideal, but then it may be too much for some students (probably including myself)! But having a day off would be great. I still work on Mondays (I have a vacation day today), Wednesdays and Saturdays, then I have 1 class each on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. I'm also taking one online course so that should eat up a lot of my time as well.

I'm pretty hungry, so I'm going to grab a bite to eat!
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