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Apicolordotic View

Posted Feb 21 2009 9:47pm

Okay, I am not sure what really the spelling is but the clinic in which I had an xray has used apicolordtic view twice on my result. But when I tried researching through the internet I can’t seem to find the word. Accidentally just today I was able to find the correct term. It has an o between D and T. It’s apicolordotic not apicolordtic. lol.

Anyway, remember my XRAY result last Jan? Wherein it suggested to have the apicolordotic view. Well, yesterday I went to the clinic to have it done. And from there I was able to know how that view is different from the usual chest xray. For a chest xray you will be asked to face the wall, right? With apicolordotic view, you would stand facing the light of the machine, you have to bend slightly backward, put both hands on your hips and then shoulders forward. It’s an uncomfortable position and you have to hold your breath for a few seconds. And that was it.

Fortunately, I got my results already and my lungs are CLEAR. Yahoo! No more pleurisy. Though I hate prednisone but I have to admit it is the medicine that really help control my lupus. And of course thanks to my rheumatologist who really knows what medicine to give me everytime I am sick of something. Most of all thanks to the MAN up there for always being there for me. Ah I am fortunate!  Thank you LORD. No I need to concentrate on loosing the weight since I know my pred intake would be reduced on my next check up.

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