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Another sad day in the world of lupus: Sasha McHale

Posted Dec 10 2012 8:00am
Reading about 23-year Sasha McHale's recent death due to complications of lupus was upsetting. So upsetting, I thought about not posting the news. But then, I came across this article  from the Huffington Post, and I thought, "Okay - I can handle this one." I couldn't finish the first few articles I read covering the tragic event. As a lupus patient myself and a mother of two young girls who just might end up with lupus someday, the articles that talked, in detail, about lupus death rates, complications of the disease, and less than positive outlooks for patients were just too much for me. But this one , I can deal with, as it provides a positive, yet accurate picture of what sometimes seems to be a rather bleak future for lupus and its sufferers. My heart goes out to the McHale family - I wish them strength in the days and weeks to come. 

Also in lupus news, singer  Toni Braxton was recently hospitalized due to blood clots caused by systemic lupus , which she was diagnosed with a couple of years ago. My hope is that the much needed education and awareness of this mysterious disease will continue to grow with these high-profile stories, preventing tragedies like the death of young Miss McHale from occurring in the future.  
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