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Posted Jan 12 2011 5:53am

I am not feeling well this past few days. Maybe because of the cold weather and the fact that I have been using my upper body as my support whenever I get up and walk to the bathroom. Oh yeah, aside from my weight problem ( which makes me think of using the best weight loss pills in the market) I also have eye problem and aches.

The weight problem has to wait to be resolved when I am okay already and can prepare my own meal. While I am currently fixing the eye problem by consulting an opthalmologist and undergoing series of test to see how far lupus and prednisone have damage my eyesight. And of course the body aches. Which I think would always be there as long as I live.

Well, despite of all this problems I am still thankful. Thankful that I am still alive and have a loving family to support me.

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