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Posted May 06 2009 12:00am
My name is Lisa and I became a vegetarian in the summer of 2001 and a vegan in the fall of 2003, a few months before being diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis and then Celiac Disease. Three years ago my world fell apart when my father fell ill and subsequently died six months later. His last three months in the hospital proved nutritionally impossible for me as I spent over 8 hours a day with him, not including the hours drive to (and from)home. I immediately slid back to my vegetarian way (eggs), then to my fish eating ways, then to my chicken eating ways....well, you get the picture.

After his death it took me a good six months to go back to eating vegetarian, of which I stayed until a year ago when I added fish to my diet for some unknown reason, and started supporting organizations who protect animals again. I felt like I had been on a trip to another planet for a really long time and finally had arrived home. While I still had thoughts about non vegan foods, and probably wavered from time to time, it was this video that I saw on BBC News that cemented me back into my vegan roots

Think about it....not just about the injured animals, but about you and your health? What is this doing to you as you ingest these animals and/or its eggs? Is this why we have such a high rate of heart disease and cancer? Truly think about it.....WHAT IS THIS DOING TO YOUR BODY?

Now, what is it doing to the animal?

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