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A Remarkable Woman: Living well with Lupus: Sophia Gaskin

Posted Aug 14 2010 8:43am
Good Morning (almost afternoon here) and hello Sunshine and amazing weather!
After a less than stellar night's sleep (the irony of a disease that causes such fatigue and insomnia all at the same time...) I am starting my morning a little slower than usual, as it seems my Levido Reticularis is out in full force (for whatever reason, I am not sure) and I am bit uncomfortable from it... But luckily, it is nothing a strong cup of Java and some Chronic Sillyness can't fix! I am still soaring on the news of being nominated for The 2010 Blogger's Choice Awards (Please vote to help us raise awareness!) and from the tremendous support you all have afforded me! Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart!

Now I'd like to take this time to introduce to you, a rather remarkable woman that is living well with Lupus. As you all know, this blog is an open book and I am always willing and ready, if not excited and anxious to share positive experiences, successes and outlook on life with a chronic illness. So without further adieu, I'd like to formerly introduce you to Sophia Gaskin. Sophia is a single parent of a 7 year old boy, Amari, and a 5 year old girl, Taylor. She works a full time job by day and is in the process of building a large multi-national company by night. Now, if that in itself is not remarkable, Sophia is doing all of this while living with Lupus. Sophia was diagnosed with Lupus in August of 2009. The diagnosis caught her off guard and when the doctor informed he that she in fact, had Lupus, she knew nothing of the invisible illness, nor had she heard of it (a feeling most of us have shared, I know I had barely heard of the disease prior to my diagnosis), and like many of us, at the time of her diagnosis she still had to live her life, because as we all know all too well, life does not stop moving, for anything, or anyone regardless of the circumstances. She states, ''With the lifestyle I live, I am not able to sit and feel sorry for myself. From the time I come in from work it is mommy duty, my kids cannot understand yet what it is I am going through, and I want them to enjoy being kids for as long as they can." Sophia has taken an incredible outlook on life with lupus and is striving and consistently raising the bar that she has already set so high for herself.

"Visualize your goals clearly. If you believe that you have the ability to achieve your goals, and you can hold that picture in your mind long enough and work hard, you can achieve them. Successful people are not born, they are made..."-SG

Sophia's Online business is also taking off, and what started out as a way to make a few extra dollars, has transformed into a multi-national Business venture that has afforded her tremendous amounts of opportunities, that is helping to turn Sophia's wishes into dreams and in turn, her dreams into a reality. Her business, , was began to give lonely, scared and frustrated a sense of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Her company brings an easier way of life to those that may not be able to get out or get to the stores as easily as they'd like (something us spoonies can most definitely relate to) Providing simple and convenient online shopping, from health and beauty products (I am especially fond of the sun care line!) to house hold cleaning items, to nutrition and wellness (supplements and vitamins) Sophia's business is taking off! From the moment you enter the website, you can sense the warmth and welcoming feeling and compassion that drives Elite World Wide. From the layout, to the vibrant colors and inspirational quotes on the homepage, Sophia's site offers a fantastic experience for any and all that visit. I encourage all of you to check out Sophia's site, and see all of the incredible opportunities she is taking part in and creating, as she builds the foundation for an up and coming Multi-national business!

Sophia is an outstanding role model for anyone living life with a chronic illness, and living well not despite their illness, but rather because of it. Sophia is taking charge of her life and conquering any and all obstacles thrown her way, turning her dreams into her reality. Sophia is doing great things while living with Lupus, and is the perfect example of exactly what CHRONICLYsILLy tries to promote and spread; and that is a positive outlook on living life with a chronic illness. Stop by Sophia's site and check out all of the amazing products, offers and deals...I hope she leaves you feeling inspired, a bit more optimistic and full of hope.

Now that you have all been properly familiarized with the lovely Ms. Sophia Gaskin, I hope that you are all inspired by her story and the amazing feats she has conquered and accomplished. Before we part ways to enjoy this lovely Saturday, I'd like to leave you with our Page of Hope Fundraising page, Nothing is Kim Possible (please feel free to stop by, sign the guestbook and make a contribution-All proceeds to the LFA) and check out the link for the Butterfly Gala (Good news- I found my dress! Check out the sneak peak posted on my Facebook wall!) And of course, Please check out The 2010 Blogger's Choice Awards and VOTE VOTE VOTE! (links on the right side of the Blog and on the Facebook fan page!) CHRONICLYsILLy has been nominated for Best Health Blog, Best Humor Blog, and The Blogitizer awards! Hopefully this will help raise awareness for our invisible illnesses and bring them further into the public eye, so we can continue to fight and raise funds for a cure! And that's right, I would never part ways without leaving you with our daily Jolt-of-Java (you know me better than that!), which today is coming straight from the lady of the hour, Sophia Gaskin!

Jolt-of-Java: "True success is not about how much money you have, it is about how many people are better off because of you. I want to touch lives in a positive way and leave a legacy for my kids so they will be proud of the woman they call Mommy."-Sophia Gaskin

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