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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Being a Vegan........

Posted Oct 19 2011 12:00am
I grew a concious.  Actualy I always had one, it just got much more pronounced and I started examining things.  It use to be that veganism was the way to being ethical, but I have found on this path I put myself on that it is just not so.  I have meet several "vegans" who are unethical.  True, they care about the animals of the word but some have forgotten about the life of a human.

Today I was in a grocery store.  Not one I normally frequent, but the last time I was there (about 2 months ago) I met a woman there in the "natural care" aisle and we had a chat about vegan products. My memory fades....once something is complete I let go of it, however some remember.  I was at the meat counter getting some organic chicken breasts for my dog Sammy.  He's had a bout of intestinal issues and has been on water for a few days.  Today he gets rice and chicken with stock from the chicken being boiled.  Anyway, I was talking to the butcher and I told him what I was looking for since I don't eat meat and he was happy to help and started packaging it up for me.  Then guess who showed up?  Vegan revenge.....she was SO UPSET that I was buying meat and constantly interrupted me every time I tried to explain that it wasn't for me.  She was not like this before and in the last 2 months she had created a monster!  I finally got so annoyed I asked her to stop talking.... LOUDLY!  I told her I had tried to say something several times and she was too busy listening to herself speak that she was being rude.  I explained the dog thing, the reason for the chicken, and then she ranted a few more minutes about how I didn't need to feed my dog meat.  UGH!  I told her I was following doctors orders and that was the end of it.

After I walked away I felt SO BAD FOR HER!  Is this what a radical vegan is?  Was I ever like this?  I'm sure I had my moments  for my family and friends, but to a complete stranger?!  So when I came home I boiled the chicken (yuck, the house smelled horrible.....but Sammy was in heaven....) and asked Sammy if he wanted to eat vegan food.  This is what he said
"Mom, I'm not made like you are and don't eat like you. I like your veggies and things, but I need my meat so please don't make me be like you and not eat it.  You shouldn't eat it.  It wasn't made for you to eat, but it is what I need for me and so do other dogs." 

Now I know may who feel that dogs can and should eat vegan, but the ability to communicate with an animal makes my life easier in many ways.  This is one of them..... I can make sure he gets what he needs and what he likes and we are both happy.  So back to the vegan radical....

So when I got home I started doing some research.  Seems when veganism started thee were no real alternatives.  Food choices were very black and white and there were no eco friendly Sherpa farms or sustainable fabrics besides cotton.  I am blessed to feel that I don't need to be a radical anything because I have so many great choices available to me.  I recently read about a bee keeper who never kills his bees and makes the most incredible raw honey!  So if honey is made by the bees and we take some of it for our self are we harming them?  If we sheer the wool off the sheep from the friends farm who never kills their animals
are we being ethical while still having something warm to wear?  Where do we draw the line?

So I do what I always do and I ask.  I asked for a sign.  When in leather good?  Is it EVER good?  What about wool, silk or any other fiber coming from an animal?  What about other "eco friendly fibers"?  What is good and what isn't?  Then I saw this

Gave me better insight into fibers, whats usable whats not, but it still doesn't answer the leather issue.  I think that is personal and since the majority of leather found on the market is from factory farmed animals I won't go there and us that.

But wool has been on my mind since moving to Colorado.  It was good to know that there is a eco friendly process that makes wool non itchy!  Will have to check out my local Patagonia store.
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