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Manchester, United Kingdom
My name is Rachael Wakefield. I'm 20yrs old from north west England. I suffer from a rare lung disease for which there is no cure. I host a couple of support websites to help support other patients and families affected by rare lung disease.
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Quick update

So I'm working on a longer, more indepth blog for on here but for now I thought I'd just post a little update. I've been out of hospital about...


So I guess you could say my blogs turn up like buses. Anyway another weekend in Wakefield world of course it can't be straight forward. As usual...

One of two and saying thankyou!

Phew where to start? I can't believe its been a month since I last blogged! I was so relieved to get the last blog out of my system I was so sure...

Post transplant life

It is of course bank holiday weekend and so obviously I have too much time on my hands! I wanted to talk about post transplant life and I guess...

What a week! I'm going to star ...

What a week! I'm going to start with at Tuesday May 17th, the day wasn't really significant itself, that evening I received a message off friend...

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Can I vote for u babes? xx
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Thank you so much for your kind comments and taking the time to vote for me!  Its means alot xxxx

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