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Have you seen my...sense of humor?

I have two or three complete posts drafted and ready to go. Chances are though, they will never make it to my blog. "Why, Luna...why??", you...


This year my sister is buying my kiddos homemade crochet hats for Christmas. I, being the nosey lil' bitch that I am, just had to check out the...

Wiggle Iggle Friday

Jeez did I miss Wiggle Iggle Friday ! When I was in high school I heard a song. I heard the song. The song. I didn't know the name of the...

To the Jerk Who Hit My Car...

And didn't even leave a note... Fuck you.


Last year, I knew nothing about No Child Left Behind (NCLB)...nothing. I figured the school district knew, and they were acting accordingly....

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Oct 22 2009 by Momentum
your post seems to correspond with Shay Carl and Princess"Tard" from YouTube would that be so...???

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