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Los Angeles, California
My name is Lucy and I am a mother of two from Los Angeles, Ca. I love staying active and eating well.
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LucyK's Whiteboard
Dec 22 2008 by Fanda

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for adding me as your friend. As your new friend, I’d like to invite you to visit my site: Yes, it is all about probiotics, the friendly good bacteria stuffs. But, no, I promise you that it won’t be boring. On the contrary, you will find many fun ways to keep you healthy through healthy eating and the right diet. Find also many recipes to process yogurt and tempeh into delicious servings!

Hope you'll enjoy it, and...

Cheers, Fanda

Dec 12 2008 by thematrix777

Hi LucyK:

Thanks for the website. I'm going to go check it out. I really need something in a non-pill form! I'm so tired of pills I could scream! I take about 20+ a day just to maintain my living with my RSD and I really would like to tackle this sleeping issue in a more natural way if I can.

I'll let you know after I check it out. Maybe I'll buy one and see if it works for me!


Your Health Maven

Dec 05 2008 by Kenneth F.

Hi Lucy:

 Thanks for asking for a friendship.  Have fun raising those young's a blast.

 Seasons Best,