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Lucia Gabriela

Sound Beach, New York
Lucia Gabriela Certified Health Coach. CHC, ADDP I am very proud and fortunate to have studied and completed all of the courses at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. IIN is rated the number one school in the world for holistic nutrition and alternative health. We studied... Full Bio
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Personal info:
Birthday: November 14
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 110 lbs.


Lucia Gabriela Certified Health Coach. CHC, ADDP I am very proud and fortunate to have studied and completed all of the courses at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. IIN is rated the number one school in the world for holistic nutrition and alternative health. We studied over 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. My training focused on bio-individuality to understand the unique needs of each person and how the body really functions. One persons food is another personâ??s poison. Iâ??m accredited as a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Iâ??m accredited by the New York State of Purchase College for the professional training of Health Coaching. In addition, Iâ??m a certified Reiki Practitioner at Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho methodology. Currently, Iâ??m attending Aromatherapy Foundations Certificate Program for the Floracopeia of Essential Oils and Aromatic Treasures. Why, Raising my Healthy Eater? Raising my Healthy Eater was created to share knowledge, hope, positive energy and to demonstrate hope by arming ourselves with the resources to fight body, mind and emotional diseases that our kids are being affected by. We practice a very open minded approach. We welcome every body, mind, spiritual and all type of food philosophies. We are vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, carnivores, macrobiotic, BED, Gaps diet, Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, Breatharian, black, white, pink, blue and much more. We focus on learning what is out there with a peaceful heart and clear eyes. We are not fanatics about â??being part of a philosophy that define who we areâ??. If we carry one, it would be â??We are Universalâ??. We follow our heart and this great quote â??One manâ??s food, itâ??s another manâ??s poisonâ??. Our page has been designed to be a place where we can be safe and comfortable with who we are and to respect ourselves, our ideas, journey and integrity. In our journey as parents and caregivers, we are truly discovering what we are capable of. Letâ??s not be hard on each other and letâ??s drop any labels we carry. There are so many philosophies about eating, spiritualism, life, marriage, etc. We are experimenting with what work. Carrying labels keep us stuck and trapped to something small. Freeing ourselves from them, it will open our wings to an infinite universe of possibility and true knowledge. Wearing horse blinders will block the view of the wide horizons in our journey. We are so into food and anything to do with it, from love to politics. We love and live it! Our recipes have a Latin touch, because Lucia Gabriela is a proud Latin mom who shares her cultureâ??s beauty and culinary delights. Also, we enjoy learning and adding others cultures foods to our way of cooking. We are Gluten free; most of us are sensitive to gluten. Gluten is a protein hard to digest and with the Standard American Diet, it causes a lot damage and inflammation to our gut. The gut is the power house of the body. Want to know more? Join our newsletter. We are doing it because itâ??s working for us and not because we are fanatic about the new â??healthy waveâ??. Gluten Free doesnâ??t necessary mean itâ??s healthy. It can be junk gluten free, so donâ??t be fooled! We use unpasteurized dairy. Back home, in Ecuador we grew up drinking raw dairy and their byproducts. We know the benefits of proper preparation, consumption and use of it. Something precious like: raw milk, butter and chesses are used like gold. A little in moderation is more desirable than a lot for vanity and ego. We, humans, are very extremist. We use too much of something or nothing at all. We run away from â??fat freeâ??. We love real fat and healthy fat. Our brain is 80% saturated fat and our lungs are 100% saturated fat. All our organs are made of a great percentage of saturated fat, this is a real true fact. Even cholesterol is beneficial for our brain and body function. Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol off balance is danger to our health, we need both of them! Our cellsâ?? mitochondria need it for proper functioning. Learn more about it joining our newsletter. We support ORGANIC and DO NOT SUPPORT GMOS! We are an image of GOD (Genesis 1:27). We feel comfortable with Godâ??s creation and NOT GMOâ??s creation. We love our body and treat it as Godâ??s temple, no matter what spiritual believe you have we know you donâ??t look like a Frankenstein creature. We are not an experiment of humans; we are Godâ??s experiment. We support our local farmers, organic farmers and companies who really care about the planet and their people. We avoid companies who are owned by big corporations and do business for control, interest and money. We support the organic movement and ask everyone to act on chem-trails, so we can truly benefit from organic food. Chem-trails are killing our soil, water and planet. Honest organic farmers wonâ??t be able to offer products without high levels of ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE, VIRALLY MUTATED MOLDS, NANO-PARTICULATES OF ALUMINUM AND BARIUM AND CATIONIC POLYMER FIBERS that are found in chem-trails. Want to know more? Join our newsletter. We focus in detoxification and removing heavy metals from our system, something we have to do it every day. Because, even â??HealthNutsâ?? will not be forgiven from horrible cancers and diseases, if they are not prepare and follow protocols for proper detoxification. Learn more about detoxification and have access to daily tips joining our newsletter. Today, our kids are the experiment result from the past 100 years of malicious, greedy, egocentric and selfish people who damaged our air, water, animals, nature and health without caring about future generations. It is time to stop them and take control of our own life, world and take action. Yes, we are a movement for future generations. Together, we can turn things around with a great outcome and WE can create healthy kids for future generations to come. We are the tree of life, We create it together!