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I'm a graduate student in Public Health Nutrition. Don't worry, I'm not the diet police. In fact, I believe in enjoying food to its fullest. I love to learn about healthy living and write about my journey. I love going to farmer's markets and trying out new recipes.
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How I Make Butter Coffee

I’m on the butter coffee bandwagon and wanted to share my step-by-step process and recipe. Side note: I know this recipe doesn’t work for...

My Morning Routine

It’s taken years to develop with lots of tinkering, but I think I’ve perfected my morning routine that helps me feel healthy and...

Positively Healthy: Alexandra Jamieson

  I’m delighted to share another influencer with you today – the extraordinary Alexandra Jamieson ! My introduction to...

Raw Chocolate Chip Brownies (Grain-free, Paleo, Vegan)

I’m back with another raw brownie recipe, and this one has some awesome new ingredients, including  100% cacao chocolate chips  that are...

Positively Healthy: Amy’s Healthy Baking

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how much I love Instagram , but I’m not ashamed to say how much inspiration I draw from the great people...

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