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Surrey, United Kingdom
I am a 28 year old who has recently received a lung transplant after an agonising wait.  I have pulmonary fibrosis and it is thought to have developed as a result of aggressive cancer treatment received for a childhood cancer called Wilms' tumour. Sadly, I had a number of post... Full Bio
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Nov 10 2009 by init1972

Hi Lou,

Your dedication to the cause is inspiring - keep it up hunny!

Jun 30 2009 by Teri
Thanks for friend-requesting me! What an amazing story you have! You are a strong woman!!
Jun 29 2009 by lizzy1
Thank You for being my friend I feel like I'm not alone now.I know that you know what I feel when i'm going through what we have to. I hope we can talk moe and get to talk !
Jun 26 2009 by lizzy1
 HI  Lou Lou my name is Liz and I am 37 years old,I just want to say that I hope all is well ..I too have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.It's not easy ...but barely tolerable as a  matter of fact.I have not been in your shoes yet as far as lung transplant and that, my friend,scares me to death.i have not yet seen specialists but will very soon.i hope I will hear positive news about what the status of my lungs are.If someone like you has gotten this far and STILL have hope and optimism then I know I can too.Thank you for being an inspiration!
May 06 2009 by meggymegos

Hey Lou Lou!

I hope you're doing well! :)