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I am a profesional licensing and health care lawyer. I represent the people and organizations who are responsible for patient care. I write about issues pertinent to patients, clinicians and medical staff such as the treatment of pain and what constitues unlawful or questionable prescribing or... Full Bio
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Senate Bill 195 and Changes to DPS Controlled Substances Registration Requirements

  Some notable legislation came out of the 84th Legislative Session, at least as it relates to the practice of medicine in the state, and...

Texas Medical Board Turns Its Attention to Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy

  It should go without saying given the Texas Medical Board’s recent aggressive regulatory stance on the treatment of chronic pain, Texas...

Texas Dental Board Offers Proposed Order Without Giving Dentists a Full Opportunity to Respond

  The processing of complaints filed with the State Board of Dental Examiners (“Board”) is governed by Chapter 255, Title 3, Occupations...

Recent Changes to the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses

In the past year-and-a-half there have been several changes to the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN). First, the length of...

Inappropriate Referrals to the Texas Physician Health Program

  Since its inception several years ago, the Texas Physician Health Program has provided a valuable option for physicians suffering from...
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