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Fort Edward, New York
Hi! I'm Lori and I am currently maintaining a loss of over 100 pounds.
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Drop sets and virtual Turkey Trot

Yesterday was the first snow of the season.  It wasn’t too bad, actually.  At least we didn’t have to commute in it.  Again, thankful for my...

Living room update and lifting

It was one of those mish mash weekends. Those always go by fast, don’t they?  John had his football meal.  He has won several weeks in a row...

Leg day

Ever have those times when you wake up really early and go “Oh crap! Garbage day!!”.  Yea, that was me really early this morning. Sometimes they...

Biking and tightening up

It was an active day today. First off was an early morning workout. I had to scrap frost off the car window since it was 28 degrees!    Back to...

Lifting and paint colors

Another fall weekend in the books.  It turned out to be really good weather, although a little brisk and windy for riding… boo.  I will not...

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Nov 19 2009 by rajesh moganti

Hi friend! 

I know the contest is pretty funny, but I would love to win Wellsphere's Health Blogger Award I would appreciate it if you could cast a vote for me and I guarentee you that you will like my blog 100%
Apr 07 2009 by worried1
Very proud of you!! 115 is alot to lose!!!!
Jan 07 2009 by inhopes
I'm having lots of setback and a very hard time getting focused...any hints from a pro?
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