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That's Perfect! Unfortunately, I'm Not

We all like to succeed, don't we? No one sets out in the morning with hopes of failure. But some of us just want it more than others. In fact,...

Making Small Talk With Men in Dresses

I pride myself on being open-minded and I think that I do a very admirable job of not just talking the talk, but of walking the walk as well. Even...

Frustration: Friend or Foe?

My son is a lot like me - poor kid. He loves to learn new things and share what he learns with others. Good so far. He also enjoys a challenge,...

The First Elected Female President?

In the United States, we are still awaiting the day when we can celebrate the election of a woman to the presidency, but for the country of Liberia,...

Mid-Life Women Contracting HIV: The Hidden Epidemic

You try to look at the bright side at mid-life, to find the silver lining. Okay, you say, so I occasionally sweat profusely for no apparent reason,...

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