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LoneStart Wellness ( is the leading behavioral workplace wellness solution that helps reduce healthcare costs and increase employee engagement through a low risk – high return teambuilding approach to wellness. By instilling the self-belief among your... Full Bio
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Where's Your Core?

We all have one, a core. Different from a soul or spirit, our core is the “who” of who we are. It’s about what we believe. We know...

There’s Always the Option of Doing Nothing

Have you ever felt you were trapped in an empty, abandoned place, with no way out? We like to think we are the makers of our destiny. We...

The Thing About Numbers ... And Grocery Stores

Well, the thing about numbers is, they don’t tell the whole story. Numbers can be massaged, statistics can lie, and many can be presented...

Note to Self ...

Have you ever felt like this... “I didn’t mean to do it (fill in the blank here). I knew what I should do, I knew in my heart-of-hearts...

The Road to Our Resolutions

It's getting close to that time of year. We’ve all made resolutions, usually about once a year when January 1 rolls around,...

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