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Captain Carl's/ The Falls 30k Trail race

Wow....wicked good times. I really missed trail running and this was a great way to kick it back into gear. My race started at 7:15 PM and it...

2011 IMCDA race report

2011 IMCDA race report It’s taken me some time to get my head wrapped around writing this dam thing. I guess it’s now or never. Coeur...

Pretty dang cold for Austin

22 degrees when I woke up this morning. Yesterday was 17 and tomorrow everyone is freaking out because there is a chance of snow. I'm more pissed...

A bit behind

Lots of things in the pipeline the past 2 weeks. Here's a brief overview. - Website is almost active. Lots of the behind the scenes drama with...


Wicked busy week. I'll update more this weekend when I have a chane to rest my head. Oh.....and find BigMouth Announcing on Facebook and like...

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