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salinas, California
 I'm 38 yrs old and a proud mother of three beautiful kids. I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in July of 08 and Limited Scleroderma in November of 09.How am i dealing with it? Taking life as it is one day at a time...  I stay strong with a positive attitude. I'd really like to meet new people,especially if they can relate, as far as in my "condition". It can be frusterating at times...especially not knowing what my future holds..
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Hi, I am kind of new and don't always log in either.  That would be why it is almost a month later and I am just seeing your white board message.  I am not really familiar with how this site works in regards to communitcation.  I use it to post articles and my Nia class announcements. 
Jan 04 2010 by Miguel Covarrubias
Hi friend! I'm just getting started on wellsphere... Drop me a comment if you've got some ideas on what to do first - or just to say, "Hi!" Please add me in your friends list.
Nov 14 2009 by lizzy1
hello loulou! I just got out of being in the hospital for 4 days.I'm home now,thankfully.had staph infection...they had  to drain them out it was horrible. I was diagnosed with Limited sclerederma just a month ago. My pulmonary fibrosis has been able to be stabelized with antibiotics so far . my doctor was discussing with me about a lung biopsy.I'm very concerned.   How has life been treating you LouLou ? I hope everything is well for you and thank you for writing!