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Mom to a delightful special needs child who is living with Full Trisomy 13. Natalia is now 9 yrs old, born in 2000.   Be sure to visit SOFT USA for global Trisomy support And also the Living with Trisomy 13 – Patau Syndrome website where you can view over 300 families who share this unique life journey with Trisomy 13.  Transforming Grief into Thanksgiving Joy.
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Could you please add these family support resources to your Trisomy 13 - Patau Syndrome page?

These are the top two Family Support Resources for Trisomy 13. SOFT Living with Trisomy13 - Patau Syndrome...

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Oct 03 2009 by

Have you been told your child will not survive?

You just never know, these kids are amazing.

Get well informed. Some children do survive with medical intervention.

 While others have more severe medical conditions, there is always perinatal hospice.

You can attempt to carry to term, you can have some time with your child. Get well informed. 


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