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Plano, Illinois
My name is Tara. I have been married for 18 years. We have 3 children. I was diagnosed with... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
I am so happy to read that you are excited for Christmas. I actually am struggling with... more
Dec 04 2011 9:02pm
I speak to over 1000 MS'ers daily and have started a few online support groups as well.... more
Nov 28 2011 2:41am
Hi my nam is Tara and I wanted to check and see how you are doing? I talk to many MS'ers... more
Nov 28 2011 2:15am
Do you have Multiple Sclerosis?  I am assuming you do because it was posted in this... more
Nov 28 2011 2:08am
Good Morning Sharon!! There are lots of ways to help improve your life with MS. Alot... more
Nov 14 2011 4:18pm
I am so sorry to hear about your Grandaughter! I am curious how you came up with... more
Nov 14 2011 1:58am
My name is Tara and I am not sure what your question is exactly. If it is about the... more
Oct 26 2011 11:10pm
Hi Kathy! I too experience very cold sensations and numbness in my fingertips,... more
Oct 26 2011 11:01pm
My name is Tara! I just came across your posting and saw that it was paost back in... more
Oct 12 2011 8:49pm
Hi Lisa!! I am sorry you are going through a flare right now. I feel your pain, as I... more
Oct 12 2011 8:39pm